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take a moment and relax...
switch off the stress hormones in your body instantly - take a deep, abdominal breath and release... (no audio)
sound & meditation
Guided Woodland Walk Meditation
A magical journey of sound and visualisation, walking through a beautiful woodland whilst listening to the deeply relaxing sounds of the RAV Vast drum - 'the sound of starlight'

A Full Relaxation Soundbath
Himalayan & crystal singing bowls and smaller therapeutic percussion - 40mins
relaxation & ambient music

"A Moment to Rest" by Ruth Summers
 Native American Flute in high B

"Skyspace - a shift of perspective"
Inspired by James Turrell's Deer Shelter Skyspace

Therapeutic Soundbaths
Himalayan singing bowls, gong, crystal bowls and therapeutic percussion

"Effortless Flight" by Ruth Summers
Native American Flute in low B
"Dang Hog"
by Memori Yobidashi
a collaborative album - stream on SoundCloud

The Drum Journey Experience
An ancient & sacred practice used as a way of moving oneself into an altered state of consciousness similar to meditation

The Guided Rainbow Meditation
A cleansing, purifying and balancing meditation inviting a sense of calm and balance

Elemental Koshi Chimes
Earth - Fire - Water - Air - 10 minutes of chime chill

"Flow Theory" by Ruth Summers
RAV Vast B Kurd drum

Wei Qi Protection Meditation
Wei Qi is the body's defensive energy which helps to provide strong protection from colds and viruses and from other external negative energies
Simple Breathing Technique
reducing stress & anxiety
A very simple technique to achieve a better understanding of the relationship of how our thoughts, emotions and the quality of our breath can affect our anxiety and stress levels

"Journey" by Ruth Summers
RAV Vast B Kurd and Native American Flute in high B

"Stillness & Movement" by Ruth Summers
'music to move to' - stillness & movement, the art of bringing the elements of yoga, tai chi, qigong, energy dance, intuitive movement and sound into one beautiful practice

Simple Buddhist Cleansing Breath Meditation
Project Global Sound 2019 'Gaia'
Peace One Day’s objective is to make 21st September an annual day of global unity & intercultural cooperation, every year Millions of people respond to International Peace Day by behaving more peacefully. Project Global Sound was part of this movement in which Ruth was involved

"Hang Dog"
by Memori Yobidashi
a collaborative album - stream on SoundCloud

Welcome to Dao Natural Health
sound, drum, tai chi qigong, meditation
I want to share with you something quite personal about my journey in the last 6 months. I think one day I may go into the details of this as there is a book there somewhere I’m sure, but for now the specifics aren’t so relevant, so I will just say that it was a prolonged traumatic experience/s over many days, on top of the ‘usual’ grief (whatever that is!) of the loss of a loved one. Life often throws us ‘big stuff’ and when the ‘proverbial’ hits the fan it can really knock us off course and keeping ourselves on an even keel, staying grounded, connected and keeping a sense of calm in the mayhem can be incredibly challenging, if not impossible at times. Read more about my recent personal journey through the 'proverbial'....

  • Sound Therapy Research - The British Academy of Sound Therapy
  • Remo Therapeutic benefits of drumming
  • Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

  • The Qigong Institute
For latest research into studies into the benefits of Tai Chi, Qigong, Medical Qigong and other Energy Medicines

  • World Tai Chi Qigong Day - "One world, one breath"
On the last Saturday of April each year at 10 am, tens of thousands in hundreds of cities, in over 70 nations come together... to breathe together... to provide a healing vision for our world

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