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Space Clearing

Energetic Space Clearing with Sound

Energetic Space Clearing using the cleansing and healing sounds of
Singing Bowls, Chimes and Cleansing Incense

Energetic Space Clearing is the ancient art of cleansing and purifying the energetic residue that can build up and become stagnant in our homes and work places. This residue can slow down and stop the natural flow of energy in a space creating blockages and imbalances which can be felt as a heavy or dull environment and can feel quite draining and uncomfortable.

A cleansed space can feel so much more alive, fresh and vibrant, creating balance and harmony in your environment which can really support general health and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Energetic space clearing is especially good when moving into a new property, clearing out the energies of the previous occupants to allow for a new fresh start in your new home. It is also very beneficial after 'spring cleaning' your space so it is also deeply clean on an energetic level.  
Any space can be cleansed, your home, whether your whole house or a specific room, your work space and even your car.

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