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How do I download my mp3 track/file after purchase?
1. SoundCloud: Instant download - After payment please wait to be automatically redirected to our webpage with the links to our 'private' SoundCloud tracks, here you can download the mp3 files. If you do not see this page then please contact us and we can send you a direct link. Please note downloads through SoundCloud are only possible from a laptop or pc, files cannot be downloaded to a mobile or device but once downloaded you can upload the mp3 to your mobile. 2. File transfer: If you're not into SoundCloud or you would prefer the files were sent via We Transfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar then please do contact us and we will send you the files asap.

*Caution - Deeply relaxing!! Do not listen to our Relaxation Soundbaths when driving or handling machinery - these tracks are designed for deep relaxation.
If you have or have had frequency triggered epilepsy or any seizures which you believe are sound triggered or if you have severe/clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia or any other serious mental health condition, please seek advice from your GP before purchase.  Recordings are copyright © Dao Natural Music. All rights reserved
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