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Ruth Summers
t: 07834690075
e: ruth@daonaturalhealth.co.uk
w: www.dao-natural-health.co.uk

Our Treatment Room

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday & Saturday 10am-2pm
Sunday for group events only (please text only on a Sunday)

All therapies and treatments are offered in our treatment room at Eley Cresecent, Brighton BN2 7FE unless otherwise stated
Please note our treatment room is available by appointment only
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About us

Dao Natural Health's Mission Statement:
"Health & well-being for mind, body & soul, enhancing quality of life for all, naturally"
Our aim is to provide a complementary approach to holistic health and well-being working alongside conventional medicine, helping to bring mind, body and soul back into balance naturally
Ruth Summers 3TDip.MQG Dist, PL.Dip.ST(BAST), SNHS Dip.(A&P), BSYA(Herb.), M.TSA
Health Arts Facilitator, Complementary Therapist, Tutor, Artist and Musician
  • Founder of Dao Natural Health in 2012
  • Senior tutor and course manager at The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST)
  • Director and practitioner member of the Therapeutic Sound Association
  • Complementary therapist: sound therapy, medical qigong energy therapy, Indian head massage & ear candling
  • Tai Chi Qigong instructor and instructor member of both The British Health Qigong Association (BHQA) and the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB)
  • Drum circle facilitator and drummer/performer
  • Musician & production at Dao Natural Music
  • Stained glass artist at Blue Skies Glass Studio

The birth of Dao Natural Health
Ruth in France in 2012 moments after completing her final Medical Qigong exam

Ruth's Qualifications and Training:

  • Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy: The British Academy of Sound Therapy - Lyz Cooper
  • Ba Duan Jin Instructor Certificate: British Health Qigong Association - Faye & Tary Yip
  • Medical Qigong Therapist Diploma - TCM (Distinction): Three Treasures School of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Anthony Horrocks    
  • Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Instructor for Health Professionals: Somerset Skills and Learning
  • Tai Chi Yang Style 37 form - Sword 42 form: Wutan Martial Arts School - They Soon
  • Intensive Drum Circle Facilitation Training: VIllage Music Circles - Arthur Hull
  • Indian Head Massage Diploma - Refocus Training
  • Ear Candling Diploma - Refocus Training
  • Herbalism Diploma - The British School of Yoga
  • Anatomy and Physiology Diploma - The School of Natural Health Science   
  • First Aid at Work - St Johns Ambulance
  • IOSH Managing Safely - Health & Safety
  • Award in Food Safety in Catering (QFC) HABC Level 2

Ruth’s 3 Pathways to Health and Wellbeing
   nurture & self care - create - listen & relax
Ruth continues her studies and training with highly respected instructors and teachers and is currently setting up research projects investigating the benefits of Sound Therapy. Ruth was first introduced to the martial art of Judo at aged 8 and began practicing Yoga and learning about energy (Qi) and its health benefits in 1994. She has been practicing and studying Tai Chi and Qigong intensely since 2006. Her interest in these subjects inspired her to qualify as a Complementary Therapist and a Tai Chi Qigong Health Instructor.

Ruth was invited by the Keith Sharp, Vice President of TCUGB to teach, along side other instructors at the 2015 World Tai Chi Qigong Day event in Southampton, a very successful event. She was also invited to become a member of Tai Chi & Qigong Alliance UK - a small group of committed Tai Chi Qigong instructors promoting Tai Chi & Qigong for the benefit of health and wellness in communities.

Ruth has been passionate about nature and the outdoors from a very young age and has a deep appreciation for the simple things in life, she enjoys camping and being outdoors as often as possible. As well as her qualifications above, Ruth also has an Advanced Bushcraft OCN certificate and has taught the ancient art of friction fire lighting at festivals and with the Scouts. Ruth also playing many musical instruments, producing and recording her own music at Dao Natural Music. Ruth is also an artist specialising in stained glass at Blue Skies Glass Studio. Ruth is a supporter of the Network of Wellbeing's '5 Ways to Wellbeing' philosophy


"... just to say how much I enjoyed the Sound Bath you recently provided for my yoga retreat group. I have been to a number of gong baths and found this to be the best experience so far. My students very much enjoyed the experience and I’m sure the effects are still resonating!  You were extremely professional, punctual and easy to work with thank you!" S. Smith

"It was brilliant! I loved it and looking around the room it looked like everyone else loved it too. Happy drummers! Lovely to see everyone having fun together, a fantastic shared experience we'll remember for a long time"! Paul - OT

"Thanks for organising the morning it was brilliant! I really enjoyed the drumming and I could definitely feel less tension in my shoulders and neck afterwards" - Rachel S

Drum Circle
"Today I went to my first Drum Circle...I can't believe I've not done this before! It was AMAZING - I LOVED IT!!! So empowering and creative and fun! Thank you Ruth. The crazy thing is, I've wanted to try drumming for literally years and yet always held myself back - those pesky voices in my head would start kicking in any time I thought about it "what happens if you can't do it, you won't be able to get the rhythm, you'll probably make a fool of yourself, people might laugh at you." So today I was reminded that doing new things that feel scary or things that make me feel vulnerable - putting myself out there basically - are the same things that make me feel excited, inspired and fantastically, brilliantly alive!!!!" - S.T.

Drum Journey
"One of the most profoundly healing experiences I've ever had! The drum journey was really powerful and have certainly made me think more about the use of sound in health" - Anonymous

Sound Baths
"I had the most amazing experience yesterday afternoon having tried a sound bath for the first time! I'd love to bring my grandmother along to the next session..." - L C-Jones

"I just wanted to say I really love your soundbath and the main reason I think is because you are such a down to earth, professional, kind and grounded person and you do a fantastic job." - J Dice

"This was an incredible and very special experience! It felt like I'd had a massage afterwards... I can't wait to go again. Thank you Ruth!" - F.Whitfield

"I haven't felt this good in living memory." - R. G.

Sound Therapy
"Ruth is a very skilled and professional therapist. She has allowed me to feel and connect better with myself. I would highly recommend Sound Therapy with Ruth. It is more than just sound!" - M. Karavadra

"I always feel calmer and more focused after a Sound Therapy session." - J. Gleadle

"Sound Therapy allowed me time for myself, to focus fully on relaxing and calming my anxiety." - Anonymous

"Ruth is a fantastic therapist, true professional and a lovely person. I have recommended friends and will continue to do so." - A. Hell

"A really positive, nurturing experience and one I would definitely recommend to others." - S. Collins

Medical Qigong Energy Therapy

"Thanks so much for a wonderful Medical Qigong (Therapy) session... feeling very relaxed now... salut! Much appreciated!" - J. Nurse

"Thank you so much for my treatment... (Medical Qigong Therapy) today is the first day... (in almost two months) I've been almost pain free!!!" - L. Baker

"Thanks for a fantastic Qigong (Therapy) session! I was really tired when I got there but when I finished I was full of energy! Thank you!!!" - Anonymous

"Thank you Ruth for a real experience in our Qigong (Medical Qigong Therapy) session. I found you to be such a calm, comforting and warm person. During the session I felt the energies moving and clearing. I had a real feeling of expansion.... seeing beyond...... AMAZING!!!!! Thank you RUTH! Looking forward to the next session." - Anonymous

Tai Chi Qigong Health Classes
"Ruth was welcoming and generous with her knowledge and everybody was given the same attention regardless of their level of experience and practice.  I enjoyed the pace and presentation and always felt comfortable when "improvements" were suggested because there was no sense of "getting it right" or failure.  I particularly appreciated the meditation period to bring the session to a close.  Ruth was always open to questions, during and after the class. Ruth has a lot to give and does so unreservedly - she is a beautiful example of her art." - V. Davis

"I have attended Ruth’s Qi Gong classes for the last three years. Ruth’s knowledge of Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine is impressive. Her classes are very well prepared and very enjoyable. I always feel full of energy and relaxed afterwards. I thoroughly recommend Ruth’s Qi Gong classes to anyone who needs more energy and healing." - R. Leu

"I have done several Qigong sessions in classes with Ruth.  Sometimes I have gone when feeling tired or slightly frazzled, but I have never left without feeling more relaxed and more aware of my surroundings. Ruth has a very calm and warm presence, and she communicates the movements and their energies very well." - R. Pritchard

"Friendly atmosphere and lovely exercises taught by Ruth Summers." - M. Jastrzebska

"I have been to many Qigong sessions with Ruth and can thoroughly recommend it.  It is both stimulating and relaxing and puts you in touch with your inner self.  A chance to be in the moment and refresh both mind and body." - J. Chapman

"Thanks for the One to One lessons. Enjoying Tai Chi Qigong very much, thankyou." - M. Rogers

"Phenomenal!!" (Tai Chi Qigong Equinox Workshop) - Anonymous

"I would just like to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from your (Tai Chi Qigong) workshop..." - Anonymous

IMPORTANT: The contents of this website are not a substitute for a consultation with your medical advisor. If you are concerned about your health you are advised to consult your doctor/physician. Dao Natural Health’s work is complementary to conventional western medicine.

©2012-2020 - Ruth Summers - tel: 07834690075 - email: ruth@daonaturalhealth.co.uk
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