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Health & well-being for mind, body & soul, enhancing quality of life for all, naturally
Our aim is to provide a complementary approach to holistic health and well-being working alongside conventional medicine, helping to bring mind, body and soul back into balance naturally
3TDip.MQG Dist, PL.Dip.ST(BAST), SNHS Dip.(A&P), BSYA(Herb.), M.iTSA
Dao Natural Health founder, Health Arts Facilitator, Complementary Therapist, Artist and Musician
Fully qualified & insured
The International Therapeutic Sound Association
The British Academy of Sound Therapy
The New NHS Alliance
The British Health Qigong Association
The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain
Tai Chi & Qigong Alliance UK
Arthur Hull's VMC Drum Circle Facilitator Graduate
Christine Stevens 'Music Medicine' & 'The Flute as Sound Medicine' training

in the community
We are proud to be offering regular events and sessions, and have worked with;

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